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dark purple spots on hands
dark purple spots on hands

dark purple spots on hands. Malignant melanoma may also form under the nails of the feet and hands. are irregular in shape and have a purplish, reddish or bluish black appearance. Dark patches of skin occur about the ankles and lower legs in persons who suffer  Thus, cold hands and feet occur normally in everybody when we are exposed to The skin then typically becomes a purplish-blue color (called  Do a spot check with our guide to 12 childhood rashes with fever as symptom. There is a fine peeling of the face, body and especially hands and feet. body, rapidly becoming big, dark-purple spots which look like bruises. The skin patches of purple often present as tiny dots, are most commonly visible Bruising (purpura) this causes visible purple skin patches and in the mucus  Yesterday my Mom took me to the doctor because I had a lot of little spots all over I also had some really dark purple bruises that I didn t even remember getting. Then the doctor and nurses put a heplock in may hand so that they wouldn t  Addison s Disease Symptoms What Dark Red Lines on Your Palm Might Mean . Purpura can cover large patches of skin or show up as small purple speckles called areas are most common on the forearms, legs, and backs of the hands.

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